Animal Caregivers

  • Annette
    Animal Caregiver

    I joined Kachina in 2019 with a desire to make a change from my prior career path. Working in the kennel has opened my eyes to the world of animals and veterinary medicine. I am looking forward to learning, new friends, and meeting all of our client’s fur babies. 

  • Sandra
    Animal Caregiver

    Hello, I am Sandra. I have been working at Kachina since mid 2019. It’s a new adventure for me working with animals but I am loving it. New challenge, new growth and a bit of fun. I look forward to meeting you and your pets. 

  • Shelby
    Animal Caregiver

    KAH is my first position working with animals and I love it. I primarily spend my time here caring directly for the boarding pets. It is rewarding and challenging at the same time. It is wonderful to get to spend my workdays with the animals. I love a job that I can get to know the clients and the pets. 

  • Melissa
    Animal Caregiver

    Hello, my name is Melissa. Animals are our four legged babies. I chose to work for Kachina to make a difference, and help your fur babies as much as I can.Who does not dream of being around animals all day? I certainly did. With Kachina I am living my dream and getting to help in a better way.

  • Nadine
    Animal Caregiver

    Hello, I'm Nadine. The newest member of the Kachina family. I have always been someone that did not like leaving their comfort zone. Ever since I started work at Kachina Animal Hospital and working with the amazing animals, it made me strive for a career with animals.
    My family consists of my husband, our son and our 2 pups. Zues is a blue nose Pitbull who is super sweet and loves everyone and June is my rottweiler mix who is just an energetic ball of joy. Also you can tell I love animals and love all of my coworkers and of course all of the lovable pets that come in to see all of us here at KAH.

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