Pet Licenses

Yavapai County Animal Control


In February of 2015, the Yavapai County Animal Control section, installed a new on-line program for licensing your dog. This website will assist you in setting up an account to manage the licensing of your animal and vaccination requirements.


To access the application, on any computer you can go to HTTP://

On the left menu is Create an Account, this brings up a new screen to setup and register an account. If you are already registered, click on the Account Login and put in your email address and password. once logged on, the options to enter people and animals appear. Once your account has been processed and approved, you will receive an email on the approval. The next time you login you can select licensing and select the dog to license. If the dog has a past license tag and a current vaccination, you can just pay on-line to activate a current license status. The license fee is no longer attached to the tag but to the animal itself. The tag is a dog registration number only.


Licensing a dog can be up to the expiration of the rabies vaccination. Puppies would be 1 year, until the 3 year shot has been received. This gives the owner 1 year to decide to spay or neuter the animal before the unaltered animal fee is paid.


Payment is through PayPal, either with an account or a credit card charge.


Yavapai County Animal Control - for questions or assistance call 928-771-3282.



Prescott Valley Animal Control - Pet Licenses


Pet licenses for the town of Prescott Valley may be purchases at Kachina Animal Hospital.


In order to receive a license for the current year the rabies vaccination must be current through October. If your pet received his rabies vaccination at another veterinary hospital or clinic, please bring with you the rabies certification.


The license fees are as follows:


 $8.00 for altered

 $16.00 for altered after March 31st

 $35.00 for unaltered

 $70.00 for unaltered after March 31st


Prescott Valley Animal Control - for questions they can all be reached at 928-772-5190.



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