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United Animal Friends'

Paw it Forward Program

Emergencies happen. Sometimes those emergencies involve pets whose owners don't have enough funds to cover the veterinary bill. Imagine if that were your pet.


You can help with a tax-deductible donation to United Animal Friends' Paw it Forward program. United Animal Friends' will match donations made through your vet's office and will mail you a receipt for your contribution.


Together, we will create an emergency fund that Kachina Animal Hospital can use in cases where a pet needs medical attention, but the owners need help with the bill. To help, leave a check made payable to United Animal Friends, marked Paw it Forward. Kachina Animal Hosptial will send us your check, we will send you a receipt, and we'll all be helping animals in need.

We are an AAHA-accredited veterinary hospital. That means we hold ourselves to a higher standard. Pets are our passion. And keeping them healthy is our #1 priority. Here, we strive to deliver excellent care for pets. Because your pets deserve nothing less.









Learn more about AAHA accreditation and why our accreditation is important to you and your pet.

Visit aaha.org/petowner.


We Are Dedicated To Providing The Highest Quality Veterinary Care For Your Furry Friend!

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